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WalterHaimsWalter Haims is a father, a husband, and a fitness specialist based in Norwalk, Connecticut. He has been with his wife for six years, and has a wonderful daughter; he is always striving to become a better husband and father, and holds the best interests of his family above all else. Walter believes that success as a husband truly depends on rigorous honesty–with his wife, and with himself. Through communication and candor, Walter has built a happy and healthy family life.

Walter grew up in Redding, CT, the oldest of four children. He always loved exercising and playing sports; he was the captain of the wrestling team at his boarding school Avon Old Farms, as well as leader of the jazz band. He also loves skiing, and has played piano for fifteen years. After high school, he spent a semester at Quinnipiac University studying Business Administration before going into the family business at the age of twenty. Though he enjoyed his studies, he had difficulty wrapping his head around simply learning things with no real-world application. When he went to work for his father at H&L Chevrolet, Walter started out washing cars and doing oil changes, before moving on to sales, managing, and finally Vice President of the dealership.

After ten years at H&L Chevrolet, Walter Haims left the business to pursue his own goals. He is now working to leverage his health and fitness expertise into becoming a personal trainer. This vocation allows him to fulfill his three central priorities: the external, the mental, and the physical. Regular exercise and a healthy diet not only allow one to look and feel better, but they can improve upon all aspects of life, including mental health and calmness. Walter has brought the benefits of fitness into his own family life: being in great shape has allowed him to be happier, more energetic, and to transfer this positivity onto his wife and daughter.

Walter Haims knows that marriage represents a lot of hard work, but he doesn’t believe in simply giving up, as seems to be the tendency in the 21st century. He equates family life to fitness in many ways: both involve enormous amounts of effort, patience, and perseverance, but the results are worth every second. Initially, Walter wasn’t certain that he wanted to be a father; when his daughter was born, he developed an unparalleled love and attachment.

Being at the center of a family has allowed Walter to become infinitely more selfless and understanding of his surroundings. It has been truly eye-opening to have your happiness so closely tied to that of another–but despite the sleepless nights and many difficulties of raising a child, he wouldn’t change it for the world.

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